One set of Footprints Foundation Inc. was founded by Valquiria Meredith with the goal to provide support and help to families with special needs children.

The foundation brings together volunteers who believe in helping, are dedicated and supports the cause of One Set of Footprints. The generous hearts of the volunteers powered by God and His blessing allow the foundation to serve the families of the community.

Valquiria Meredith: “Being a mother of 3 kids and having 2 with special needs exposed me to the blessings and pains of having to deal with the specific needs of each of my 3 children. The struggles that families face are many and my goal is to provide as much support and help to the families in our programs. God has provided for us a way to find happiness in the midst of all the problems and I want to give back to the community by being a connection to God while doing His work.

Get to know my family better by watching this video:”